Medical Cannabis

The Clinic Network (TCN) offers Medical Cannabis assessment and education through a secure telemedicine platform. We provide consultations and assessments with a TCN Medical Practitioner to see if cannabis is the right course of therapeutic treatment for ailments varying from chronic pain, to anxiety. If prescribed, our team of trained industry professionals take the time to find the best fit for the patient, working with a variety of Health Canada certified licensed producers.

TCN accepts and highly recommends referrals from your family practitioner, pharmacist, chiropractor, or mental health care professional to guarantee ongoing support with your care. However, if you are unable to be referred, we are happy to assist you via self-referral.





Each TCN encounter begins with the patient completing an intake questionnaire and booking an appointment for a consultation with a TCN Medical Practitioner. When your appointment time arrives, you will be connected with a TCN Medical Practitioner, from the comfort of your own home for an assessment and review of your medical history. The practitioner will have reviewed your medical history before the appointment and will likely have some follow up questions for you. During your assessment with your TCN Medical Practitioner, you will have the opportunity to discuss how and if cannabis therapeutically aligns with your medical care.


If/ when the TCN Medical Practitioner has approved you for medical cannabis therapy, you will receive a phone call from a TCN Medical Cannabis Educator. The role of the Educator will be to review your personal treatment plan, recommend products, describe and discuss the characteristics of THC and CBD (the primary ingredients in cannabis), and review the various consumption methods. The goal of an Educator is to help you to find the best licensed producer by assessing your physician’s recommendations, product availability, and financial concerns. Our Educators are well versed on various licensed producers across Canada and excited to assist you to feel comfortable and confident in what your order.


Once you have started your cannabis therapy, you will be monitored at regular intervals through a series of follow up appointments with a TCN Medical Practitioner and Medical Cannabis Educator, to ensure that your medication is working and to answer any questions you may have. Your dosage or product may change during this enhanced monitoring. Educators are available to you throughout the process to ensure that you are feeling well and getting the maximum medical benefits desired from your cannabis therapy.